How to Format an Essay

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How to Format an Essay

Presenting well formatted assignment is important. You may have written a killer essay but if you fail presenting it in the format instructed, you will definitely perform poorly.  If you adhere to the recommended writing style, your work will appear organized and neat and will definitely attract good marks. If you do not know how to format an essay you can request our assistance on academic essay format online services. The following is a guide on how to format an essay.

What is an academic essay format?

Whenever you are instructed to write a well formatted essay you are likely to wonder what you are supposed to write. An academic essay format is a defined guideline on how your paper should be arranged. It includes all the headings present in an essay. Such as essay outline, conclusion, essay structure, citations, and the tittle page.

What is the proper format for an essay?

The proper essay writing format should include a tittle page, proper citations, in-text citations, text capitalization and the correct structure. A perfect essay format outline should be as follows:

The title page

The following should be included in the title page.

  • Times New Roman font 12.
  • The page should be double spaced.
  • You should include the name of your institution.
  • The title of your paper should be well written.
  • On the bottom of your paper you should include the course name, the instructor’s name, the course name, the due date and your name. If you have no idea how to set up your title page you can request us to help you by providing and essay format example.

The first page of your essay

Before you proceed with your writing ensure your essay first page is well structured. Therefore, include the following.

  • Include a header on the right hand corner of your first page. This should be done for every page of your work with the exception of works cited on the page.
  • On the upper left side of your page place the heading.
  • Include the title of your essay on the center an inch below the top edge.
  • After the title start writing the first paragraph.

In text citation

When you are citing someone else work in your paper include in text citation in order to avoid plagiarism. The in text citation will depend on the writing style given by your teacher or professor in the instructions. If you have no idea how to include in text citation you can request for our help. As you make your request you should be specific on the type of in text citation you may want. For instance, essay format MLA or essay format APA.

The works cited page

This is where you include the list of all the sources you have used in your writing. If you mentioned a source in the in text citation it should be included in the works cited page. The sources are also known as references. They should also be listed according to the referencing style indicated in the instructions. You should write them following this general rules,

  • All the list should be written in an alphabetical order.
  • If a certain reference takes more than two lines of text, indent all the following lines by an inch.
  • Materials that you have taken directly from the media should be formatted differently according to the reference style at hand.

If you experience difficulties when writing references, you can request our academic essay format services.

What is the standard essay format outline?

A standard essay should follow the following essay formatting rules.

  • The specified page margins should be 1 inch.
  • Your writing should be double spaced. The spaces between paragraphs should be per your instructor’s requests.
  • Should include page headers that contain relevant information such as the author’s last name or a shortened tittle.
  • Your paper should be written in specific font i.e. Times New Roman, size 12.
  • Headings and subheadings should be written in different writing style and in a different font size.
  • Page numbers should be included in page headers.
  • Indentation should be five spaces which is equivalent to half an inch.

What are the five parts on an essay?

When you look online on how to write an essay, you will be recommended to start with a five paragraphed one. It should be as follows.

  • Contain the introduction.  It is the first paragraph whereby you introduce thee readers to your essay.
  • The first body paragraph that contains the strongest point in support of your essay statement.
  • The second body paragraph which contains the second most compelling argument in support to your thesis.
  • The third and last body paragraph whereby you present the weakest argument.
  • The conclusion which is the final paragraph whereby you summarize your essay hence concluding your argument.

You can consult us consult us for academic essay format services and we will provide you with a well formatted essay as soon as you make a request.